Douala: Military Hard Work Rewarded

211 soldiers and gendarmes received epaulettes during a ceremony that held at the Camp de la Valeur in Bonanjo on January 1, 2017.


Messages such as “congratulation,” “keep on,” and “more grease to your elbows” and so on were offered to 211 meritorious soldiers and gendarmes by the thousands that turned out AT the headquarters of the Second Joint Military Region in Douala to witness the honour bestowed on them. Recipients were those who did brilliantly in the discharge of their duties during year 2016.

The epaulette-award ceremony, presided over by the Governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua, was also marked by singing and dancing, offer of bouquets of flower and snap-shots to immortalise the distinction. Those who received the distinction were 51 commissioned officers, 114 non-commissioned officers and 46 soldiers of the rank and file.

The day to many of the meritorious officers will forever remain engraved in their hearts. The epaulettes take them higher heights in their respective categories. Meanwhile, a march past by soldiers and gendarmes at the esplanade of the Camp de la Valeur in Bonanjo marked the end of the event.

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