Douala Commercial Bike Riders Go On Rampage

This followed rigorous checks of particulars by the authorities yesterday, September 21, 2016.


A cross-section of commercial bike riders in the economic capital, Douala, are crossed over taxes allegedly imposed on them and what they describe as “frequent resentment” by council workers. They protested yesterday, September 21, 2016, in front of council premises following the impoundment of motorbikes by council officials and security forces.

At each stop, the crowd of bike riders demanded the release of the impounded bikes, threatening the worst if nothing was quickly done. The impromptu gathering gave them the opportunity to air other grievances, saying in addition to the various taxes they pay, they are obliged to pay for insurance cover, though hardly enjoy any compensation in the event of accidents. They decried “frequent attacks” by council staff and the resultant standoffs between the two sides. They noted that motorbikes are often impounded even when transporting passengers, creating unnecessary accidents and altercations.

Given the high cost of acquiring Riding Licence “A” and insurance cover, a bike rider, Jean Claude, alleged that most of the receipts they receive after paying council dues were fake. He warned that the situation could degenerate further if the authorities did not stop issuing fake receipts. Talking to the media on the situation, the Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri, Naseri Paul Bea, said it was inadmissible for commercial bike riders to operate without CEMAC number plates and necessary documents. He added that the authorities will not tolerate bike riders’ negligence at the detriment of passengers. As at press time, Douala administrative authorities had scheduled a crisis meeting in the Governor’s office with stakeholders.


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