Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products: Public Health Minister Clarifies Senators

Andre Mama Fouda was at the Senate during a question and answer plenary chaired by Marcel Niat Njifenji


The absence of standard pharmacies in all parts of the country is posing a worry to the people’s representative at the Senate. Senator Mohaman Abbo’s oral question addressed to the Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda on the organisation of the pharmaceutical sector in the country with several administrative units going without pharmacies and consequently at risk of roadside drugs. The Minister of Public Health explained the supply chain of drugs stating that there is a National System for the Supply of Essential Drugs (CENAME). The distribution of drugs, he underlined, is done by CENAME which ensures that State owned health facilities as well as confessional health structures are equipped with drugs. The structure works with ten regional services for the Promotion of Health which ensures accessibility of the drugs throughout the national territory.

Andre Mama Fouda who was among the five Cabinet Ministers grilled at the Senate in the first oral questioning plenary for the 2017 legislative year, also stated that the revision of the code of ethics of pharmacists is in view.

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