Discovering The Craft Centre

Its first-ever Open Door Days, which kicked off in March 16 and ends 22, is bringing in visitors from all walks of life.

The Regional Craft Village of Douala, otherwise called Craft Centre located on the outskirt of Yassa is a place most city dwellers are becoming acquainted with. Many have defeated the stress that comes with crossing the city in spite of traffic jams in order to get to the outskirts neighbourhood to buy crafts objects or at least to “feed their eyes”. On stands are exhibited colourful art and craft works ranging from sculpture, images, fashion, agro-industrial products, objects promoting environmental and sustainable development, recovery and health.

The objective of the public event is to enable people discover the craft centre and make use of it. The Inspector General at the Governor’s Office, Njikam Aboubakar, visited the centre and officially opened the one-week Open Door Days March 16. He and his delegation took time to go round the exhibition stands at the esplanade of the structure appreciating the region’s diverse artistic talents. Completed years ago but still to be inaugurated, the imposing structure was constructed to serve as a centre for 203 different crafts and craftsmen, whereby the public can either buy from it or place orders directly from the artistes.

Moukoko Gisèle Elimbi, Head of the Section for Orientation, Information and Documentation of the Craft Village underscores the mission of the centre: “We want to train and cater for and promote craftsmen and help in the commercialisation of their finished products.”

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