Diplomacy: Two Ambassadors Present Accreditation Documents

Two newly designated diplomats to Cameroon have presented the advanced copies of their letters of credence. Ramon Maria Moreno Gonzalez of Spain and Osawa Tsutomu of Japan han ded their accreditation documents Wednesday, October 10, 2018 in two separate audiences to the Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of Cooperation with the Common wealth, Felix Mbayu. Both diplomats after the audiences promised to pilot diplomatic relations between their respective countries and Cameroon with utmost professionalism.

Ramon Maria Moreno Gonzalez who has a Master’s Degree in Law began his diplomatic career in Spain in March 1988. He has served in the embassies of Spain in Mozambique, Nicaragua and Italy, amongst other countries. In 2009, he was Deputy Chief of Mission at the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi.

Two years later, he was appointed Deputy General Director of Movements, Official Visits, Ceremonies and State Distinctions. Ramon Maria Moreno Gonzalez has since 2012 been Director General of “Casa Asia.” Born on February 10, 1957, the Japanese diplomat joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in April 1979 upon completion from the University of Tokyo.

He first served as Chargé de Mission at the Direction of Management and Coordination in 1995, then Direc tor of Security for Japanese abroad before being appointed Consul at the Japanese Consulate in Hong Kong, China in September 2000.

Osawa Tsutomu occupied several diplomatic positions and in October 2010, he was appointed Ambassador, Japanese Permanent Mission in charge of International Organisations in Vienne. Before his appointment as Japanese Ambassador to Cameroon, Osawa Tsutomu was Auditor at the Federal Association of Civil Servants in Japan.

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