Diplomacy: Mbella Mbella Receives Two Ambassadors

External Relations Minister, Lejeune Mbella Mbella on Friday November 9, 2018 granted three separate audiences to the two Ambassadors and a delegation from the Centre of Crisis Management Helsinki. They were Ambassador Wang Yingwu of China, Ambassador Ramon Maria Moreno Gonzalez of Spain and Mme Diana Grève who led the crisis management delegation.

Ambassador Wang Yingwu of the Peoples’ Republic of China transmitted a message from H.E Wang Yi, State Adviser and Minister of Foreign Affairs for China to the government of Cameroon through the Minister of External Relations. He noted that they also discussed on bilateral relations between Cameroon and China.

Wang Yingwu said China will also work in partnership with Cameroon for the promotion of peace, stability and development. Spanish Ambassador, Ramon Maria Moreno Gonzalez who was meeting Minister Mbella Mbella for the first time after the presentation of the advanced copies of his letters of credence, said they examined the state of relations between Cameron and Spain, a state which he said was very positive and friendly.

“We discussed on the state of cooperation between both countries and thus far, bilateral ties are very positive. Cameroon and Spain have shared diplomatic relations since the 1960s,” he stated.

The delegation from the Centre of Crisis Management Helsinki led by Diana Grève exchanged with Minister Mbella Mbella on the question of climate change around the Lake Chad Basin and on displaced persons resulting from terrorism.

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