Digital Economy : Over 100 Projects Identified

The National Strategy Plan for Digital Economy was the focus of a meeting in the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on Friday August 26, 2016.


The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications knows what Cameroon will look like by 2020 with the implementation of the National Strategy Plan for Digital Economy. Government wants to revolutionalize the telecoms sector and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and other ministries are determined to transform the vision into reality. The latest update on the project is the drawing up of a National Strategy Plan, which according to experts, hinges on over 100 aspects and evaluated at over FCFA 600 billion. The plan was proposed in May this year and later endorsed by government, it was revealed.

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng, assembled officials of central and devolved services of his ministry on Friday August 26, 2016 to issue guidelines on the effective implementation of the plan. The Minister stressed that government is committed to improving telecoms services and this must be taken seriously by public and private operators. The National Strategy Plan to fully develop the digital economy in Cameroon can only work if appropriate infrastructure is put in place, she stressed. “It is time to upgrade our equipment and offer better and innovative services to Cameroonians. It is therefore imperative to be results-oriented in all modernization projects,” she told aides.

Issues like adequate training for actors, content, respecting norms, the law and regulatory frameworks, as well as terms of references by all, especially operators and regularly controlling telecoms infrastructure, are priority, the Inspector General in charge of Technical Matters, Pierre Kaptue explained. He said estimates for the plan were put at FCFA 600 billion, though studies were underway for the exact cost and implementation strategies.

Responding to worries from regional delegates on some of the challenges facing their daily activities like the dysfunctional telecentres, the Minister announced a forensic audit as part of efforts to cleanse the sector. The Minister invited all staff to remain diligent, committed and result-based. Digital economy refers to an economy that is based on digital computing technologies. It is equally called internet economy.

Victorine BIY NFOR

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