Digital Economy: Government Moves To Alleviate Cyber Insecurity

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is examining different options to pick suitable cyber security options for Cameroon.


A series of travel agencies in Douala and Yaounde lost millions of FCFA to cyber attacks last month, according to Nana Payong, an expert currently organising a cyber security-related forum in Douala. He also holds many institutions that have incurred losses due to inadequate protection of their information systems always prefer to be discrete about to prevent insecurity worries in customers. But experts say reasons abound for citizens, companies and public institutions to be worried about cyber security threats.

Despite the putting in place of legislature and institutions to guarantee cyber security and fight against cyber criminality, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications holds that Cameroon is yet to have the expertise required to guarantee safety online, in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

It is in the backdrop of this that the Ministry is organising awareness workshops to determine a country-specific expertise for security in electronic networks and information systems. The second of such workshops took place in Yaounde on November 1, 2017. It brought together experts from the private sector, representatives of public institutions as well as officers of the police and military corps.

The Inspector General of Services at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, Paul Petit Ndongo who opened the seminar on behalf of the Minister, said “one of the vital innovations of our time is the digital economy driven by ICTs. Government is aiming for a successful digitization of the economy and as such development of human resources is a paramount. There is need to increase the level of skill and number of experts to secure electronic transactions and interactions.”

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