Dev’t of Endoscopic Surgery : Convention To Reinforce Competence

Training as well as the promotion and development of endoscopic surgery in the country has been reinforced through a partnership agreement signed among the International Society for Gynaecologic Endoscopy (ISGE), the University of Yaounde I (UYI) and the Yaounde Paul and Chantal Biya Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproductive Teaching Hospital (CHRACERH). While signing the agreement, in front of the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo and other members of government, different actors engaged to collaborate in the implementation of learning and research programmes with respect to their different commitments.

Through the agreement ISGE, henceforth shall collaborate with CHRACERH and the University of Yaounde I, in the elaboration of strategies to reinforce the competence of gynaecologic surgeons and other participants in teaching skills of endoscopic surgery, elaborate and implement common projects of operational research in diagnostic and operative laparoscopy and operative hysteroscopy. ISGE shall also collaborate with UYI and CHRACERH to follow-up and evaluate strategies put in place in the sharing of acquired knowledge and experience in endoscopic surgery.  Under the tutorship of the Minister of Higher Education and in agreement with the UYI-Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (FMBS) and CHRACERH, ISGE shall elaborate strategies to deliver an international diploma in gynaecological endoscopic surgery. The University of Yaounde I is going to collaborate with the ISGE and CHRACERH to implement policies to deliver, in conformity with the academic regulations, under the tutorship of the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP), an international diploma in gynaecological endoscopic surgery.

The UYI has also committed to conceive and implement, in collaboration with ISGE and CHRACERH, learning and training programmes necessary for the development and practice of endoscopic surgery at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Besides ensuring that strategies to reinforce the competence of gynaecologic surgeons in teaching skills of endoscopic surgery are implemented at the FMBS, the UYI, ISGE and CHRACERH all agree to ensure the implementation and follow-up of the clauses of the agreement with respect to the administrative and financial procedures within the validated work plan and activities designed to execute projects with respect to established programmes.

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