Development of Infrastructure Projects: Mayors Now Have More Powers

They will henceforth pilot road construction and maintenance projects in their different municipalities with the technical support of the Ministry of Public Works.

In a bit to accelerate development in the country within a decentralised context, Mayors have been bestowed the responsibility of being supervisory authorities in their respective localities of jurisdiction as concerns the construction and maintenance of road networks.

Added to their legislative and functional roles of promoting good governance, Mayors will foster local development by ensuring that roads that beg for maintenance at the subdivisional levels will be duly and timely attended to.

The delegation and inclusion of Mayors in the developmental policy of the nation is intended for better control and supervision of road projects while reducing corruption to its minimum. While chairing the annual conference for officials of the central and decentralised services of the Ministry of Public Works last Thursday January 11, 2018, Minister Nganou Njoumessi, whose ministry will provide technical engineers to work with the Mayors, said the initiative is geared at speeding up the development of road transport networks in the country.

He stated that the Mayors will from now on serve as the supervisory authorities, with the ministry however sending engineers and contractors who will work in synergy with them for the timely realization of earmarked roads.

“The initiative falls within the framework of government’s orientations to make viable infrastructures as well as the development and densification of the road and highway network, considering the acceleration of the decentralisation process of activities for the execution and monitoring of road infrastructural projects,” he highlighted.

Going by the Minister, the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development will serve as a technical partner given their expertise in affairs of regional development. The move, appreciated by many, has been termed an inclusive approach for the emergence of the country from a bottom- top approach.

With Cameroon scheduled to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, good road networks are paramount before the continental game. As the adage states; where a road passes, development follows. Therefore, the construction and main-tenance of major and semi-major highways will facilitate the transportation of persons and goods.

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