Deep-rooted Reforms To Thank

For close to a decade volleyball in Cameroon has recorded resounding successes both in the national and international scenes. The recent victory of the national women’s volleyball team in Egypt is still making waves in the country. It was the second time they won the trophy after that in 2017 in Cameroon. This was followed by the silver medal won by the national men’s volleyball team in Tunisia on July 28, 2019. Apart from the trophies won by national volleyball teams, the national women’s volleyball team will participate in the All Africa Games in Morocco next month. The achievements of volleyball in Cameroon are thanks to reforms of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation which are going on for the past six years. The aim is to give a new face to volleyball in the country.  

The reforms have four major phases notably promoting youth volleyball in schools, volleyball training centres and training of coaches. The programme, according to volleyball officials, has been done at about 75 per cent. It is also a reform of the system of championship where by the federation has rebuilt its championship with a sectoral and the Camtel Volleyball Championship. The objective was to bring many teams into the competitions. Today, FECAVOLLEY has over 60 teams playing in the competitions including volleyball training centres. Re-foundation is also marketing, sponsoring and communication. The federation has done more than 90 per cent. As at now, the federation has over 150 million per year as resources. The objective is to attain FCFA 200 million in ten years. There are hopes that in the remaining three years the federation will be able meet its objective. 

Infrastructure which is a problem for FECAVOLLEY is not left out. The federation has included this plan in their activities to help improve on the performance of players. At this level the federation has put in place the programme called Simplified Gymnasiums which is envisaging the construction of at least five gymnasiums during the ten years of re-foundation. The federation is hoping on government to support the project so that there will at least the first gymnasiums in schools next year. According to our source, the secret behind the success of Cameroon volleyball centres on three things- a good synergy with the public authorities, programming of work in the short run and commitment of the players.

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