Decentralisation And Local Development : Special Recommendations To Enhance Development

President Paul Biya in a tweet shortly after the closing ceremony of the Major National Dialogue on October 4, 2019 commended the participants for the their contributions, some of which inspired recommendations. “I can assure you that all of them will be considered attentively and diligently with a view to implementing them, taking into account their relevance and feasibility, as well as the capacities of our country,” he said. The Commission on Decentralisation and Local Development, chaired by Ngole Philip Ngwese made pertinent recommendations that were read out during closing ceremony of the Major National Dialogue under the chairperson of Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute. Hopes are high that the Head of State will give priority to the recommendations whose implementation will usher in landmark changes in Cameroon’s local development landscape.

Solving Crisis in North West, South West

In view of solving the socio-political and security crisis in the North West and South West Regions which was the main reason for convening the Major National Dialogue, the Commission recommended: “-The endowment of the North West and South West Regions with a Special status in conformity with Section 62 Sub 2 of the Constitution which states that the law may take into consideration the specificities of certain Regions with regards to their organization and functioning, – The disbursement of special allocation to each of the Councils in the North West and South West to facilitate the effective resumption to certain agglomerations,

“ Proper Functioning of Local Authorities

The Commission proposed : “- The effective putting in place of Regions as soon as possible, – The suppression of the provision for the appointment of Government Delegates provided for within the Special Regime applicable to certain agglomerations, – A substantial reduction of the powers of the supervisory authority;

Financial Autonomy of Local Authorities

The Decentralisation and Local Development Commission recommended that: “- Effective implementation of Section 32 Sub 2 of the Law on the orientation of Decentralisation which stipulates the finance law will determine, on the proposal of the government, the proportion of the State revenue dedicated to the Common Decentralization Fund. In this connection, the participants proposed that a margin of 10- 15 of the State budget be allocated to the Councils, and – the waiver of the principle on the single treasury account which delays the effective transfer of funds to local authorities.”

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