Decent Work: PM Instructs Pooling Of Financial Resources

Below is a press release following the cabinet meeting of November 30, 2017 Prime Minister Philemon Yang chaired in Yaounde.

“The Prime Minister, Head of Government, His Excellency Philemon YANG, this Thursday 30 November 2017 chaired a Cabinet Meeting at 9 a.m. at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Apart from his close aides, the Meeting was attended by Ministers of State, Ministers, Ministers Delegate and Secretaries of State.

The following items featured on the agenda:

1. Statement by the Minister of Labour and Social Security on implementation of the Decent Work Country Programme;

2. Report by the Minister of Basic Education on conclusions of the 39th session of the UNESCO general conference.

After the introductory statement by the Head of Government, the Minister of Labour and Social Security revealed that the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) is part of the cooperation with the International Labour Organization (lLO). This Programme was designed following the principle of tripartism associating Government, Employers, and Workers. It is underpinned by four main pillars namely: employment, civil protection, promotion of right to work, and social dialogue. Within the framework of implementing this Programme, Cameroon and the lLO signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 22 October 2014 for the 2014-2017 period, which was based on three priority thrusts, namely:

(i) increasing decent employment opportunities and income generating activities;

(ii) improving the regulatory framework and working conditions for all ;

(iii) capacity building for the tripartite constituents to social dialogue.

Talking about the results obtained   from the execution of this Programme, the Minister mentioned  amongst others,

(i) the adoption of the National Action Plan to combat worst forms of child labour ;

(ii) the signing of various legal texts on the care of those who voluntarily subscribed to the insurance scheme for pensioners, and increasing the amount of family  allowance to workers ;

(iii) the signing of collective and establishing agreements;

(iv) the institution of a National  Consultation Committee to monitor  Social  Dialogue. Regarding  prospects, the Minister of Labour and Social Security announced the extension to 2019 of the Decent Work Country Programme to consolidate the results obtained and amplify their impacts.

The floor was later given to the Minister of Basic Education for her report on the unfolding of the 39th session of the UNESCO General  Conference which was held in France from 30 October to 14 November 2017. The main point was that the issues discussed during this Conference focused on climate change, protecting the material and immaterial heritage of humanity, and implementing Sustainable Development Goals. During the conference, the Cameroonian delegation carried out several activities including the signing, between Cameroon and UNESCO on 10 November 2017, of the Agreement for the creation of a Yaounde Micro-Science Centre of Excellence. Cameroon also intends to intensify and strengthen its cooperation with UNESCO by the active participation of its representatives within the various fora of this international body.

Following discussion after these statements, the Prime Minister instructed the Minister of Labour and Social Security to ensure the proper execution of all components of the Decent Work Country Programme. He also urged all administrations involved to pool financial resources necessary for the execution of activities under their competence in executing the Programme. The Head of Government also instructed the Minister of Basic Education to ensure the follow-up of the implementation of recommendations of the 39th UNESCO General Conference and  take necessary measures for the Yaounde Micro-Science Centre of Excellence to go operational.

The Meeting was adjourned at 10:05 a.m.”

Yaounde 30 November 2017

Secretary General,

Prime Minister’s Office

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