DCC Project Execution: Board Members Express Satisfaction

Persistent downpours have in the past slowed down the rate of work.


Douala City Council Board members have expressed satisfaction with the execution of on-going works by the City Council. They sounded the view at the end of an impromptu field visit to appraise the level of project execution October 21.

Led by Thomas Moundoumbou Souga, Secretary General at the Douala City Council (DCC), the visit to 10 different sites across the city comes ahead of a crucial Board meeting to be held this month. Like the Secretary General, most board members said they will not venture to hold such a crucial meeting without actually seeing for themselves what is transpiring on the ground. Reason why at every stop the delegation was anxious to know from the workers the duration of work, challenges and if deadlines will be respected. Some sought to know if quality was considered.

After visiting the building to host DCC’s technical services in Bonanjo where work was said to be on a steady increase, the Thomas Moundoumbou Souga delegation headed to Youpwe. Here the secondary roads that are being paved with interlocking tiles are nearing completion. They also noted with satisfaction the renovation of the City Council’s Impoundment Centre there. Other sites like drainage works at KM5 and Kondi neighbourhoods, as well as the extension of the long awaited Boulevard de la République in Akwa nord and the construction of some roads in Bonaberi have witnessed significant advancements in execution.

For example, the Military Engineering Corps working on the Boulevard de la République is now working on the 24 metres long bridge over the stream Tongo Bassa and is coated one of double lanes of the boulevard. Lieutenant-Colonel Fidele Roger Banlock who is supervising the work told the delegation that by the end of the year, work would have reached its peak.

Before rounding up the visit in Bonaberi with the Mambanda Secondary Impoundment Centre, among other project sites, technicians told the visiting Board members that the level of execution will speed up significantly especially as the dry season is already at the corner. Nevertheless, some of the projects had been slowed by heavy downpours in August and September.


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