CPDM Campaigns In Europe

The campaign team of incumbent President Paul Biya, candidate of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement is currently combing the nooks and crannies of Europe to woo electors vote him in the October 7, 2018 presidential election.

The head of the CPDM Central Committee  delegation to Europe for the presidential election campaign, Ndong Souhmet Benoit launched the campaigns for the BENELUX countries ( Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) on September 25, 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. He used the occasion to remind the CPDM members that Belgium  being in the centre of Europe was a symbol of European and universal integration.

He said, “A vote for their candidate will therefore send very strong signals to the international community about the personality of our illustrious Head of State.” He therefore assigned  party officials to meet everybody without exception no matter their tribes, race or political inclination. Their mission would be to listen, dialogue and above all, convince electors to vote for President Paul Biya.

Presenting arguments in favour of President Paul Biya, Ndong Souhmet said he was the only candidate among the nine contestants with a vision, experience and who assures. He cited the number challenges Paul Biya has successfully overcome during his 36 years in power. Concerning the current teething socio-politically crisis in the English-speaking North West and South West Regions, 

Biya’s campaign team leader said, the situation required tact and intelligence to avoid loss of lives on both sides because the defence forces as well as the terrorists are all Cameroonians. The best person  armed with the required experience to handle the crisis was President Biya.

CPDM officials and members are therefore on the field to convince those still doubting that President Biya was the best choice among the nine candidates, having managed state affairs for over  three decades.

Among the officials present for the launching ceremony was Cameroon’s Ambassador to Belgium, Daniel Evina Abe. He assured the delegation members that everything was done at his level to ensure that the election takes place in a  calm, peaceful and serene atmosphere.

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