Constitutional Council Manages Petitions, Results

C’est la loi

As per the stipulations of the Electoral Code, the Constitutional Council after polling day has the responsibility of handling and ruling on petitions filled by any candidate or political party which participated in the election as well as proclaiming the results of the election.

Section 132 (2) of the Code clearly states that the Constitutional Council shall rule on all petitions filled by any candidate, any political party which took part in the election or any person serving as a representative of the Administration for the election, requesting the total or partial cancelation of election operations.

Section 133 further states that all petitions must reach the Constitutional Council within no more than 72 (seventytwo) hours of the close of the poll. The results of the senatorial election will equally be proclaimed by the Council within 15 days following the close of the poll.

Section 240(2) says the report on the conduct of elections and proclamation of results shall be prepared by the Constitutional Council in four copies. It shall file the original and send three other copies to the Senate, the Ministry in charge of local and regional authorities and the Electoral Board respectively.

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