Conservation: Greenpeace Opens Space In Yaounde

The NGO equally planted 50 trees in commemoration of the World Forestry Day March 21.

The international conservation nongovernmental organisation, Greenpeace has created a “green space” in Yaounde. The pilot green space which was created to encourage the planting of trees in urban cities in Cameroon was opened on March 21 in the Baptist High School, Awae, Yaounde to mark the celebration of the 2017 edition of the World Forestry Day.

Green Peace Africa officials say the exercise was in line with the theme of this celebration; “Forest & Sustainable Cities,” which according to them, highlights the important role of the forest in reducing the impact of climate change in cities. Green Peace Africa volunteers ‘Environmental Ambassadors’ along with the students of Baptist High School, Awai, planted no fewer than 50 trees.

They equally took part in outdoor campaigns, sensitising the pu- blic on the importance of trees in fostering a healthy lifestyle. The NGO officials said the approach to sensitising city dwellers on forest matters is an interactive awareness campaign where the NGO’s volunteers educate and inform young Cameroonians about the important role trees play in city dwellers’ well-being.

“Trees are important in regulating the global climate, filtering portable water and removing harmful pollutants and fine particulates from the air we breathe. Even though the forest is under threat, Green Peace Africa believes working with educational institutions in creating urban green spaces is a foundation for future leaders to stem deforestation,” said Green Peace Africa Campaigner, Sylvie Djacbou.

The World Forestry Day was instituted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as a day set aside to highlight the importance of forest and the challenges faced with regards to degradation and deforestation.

It provides a platform to raise awareness on the importance of all types of woodlands and trees and celebrate the ways in which they sustain and protect humanity. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the usefulness of our forest and the urgent need to address irresponsible practices that undermine intact forest.

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