Congo-Cameroon Inter-State University : Imminent Opening Next Academic Year

In order to launch the Congo-Cameroon Inter-State University, the National Steering Committee of the Implementation of the CongoCameroon-Inter-State University Project organized a workshop last July 12, 2019 in Yaounde with main agenda to assess the progress of the operationalization of the University. The meeting took place in the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Congo to Cameroon, Valentin Ollessongo, representatives of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon, the Prime Minister’s Office and other ministerial partners.  The Committee instructed the Operational Management Unit, together with the Congolese Party, to accelerate the elaboration of the preliminary draft of the protocol agreement. It will help in setting out the administrative organization and the academic functioning of the University. This is also in view of facilitating the signature through appropriate diplomatic channels of the organic text and the establishment of statutory bodies, as well as the appointment of officials of the University in 2020. Pending the establishment of these instruments, the University of Douala and Marien Ngouabi University of Brazzaville (Congo) will provide academic support for the training programs of the Inter-State University. The Committee adopted the budget for the 2019 financial year in payment appropriations at the sum of FCFA 612,500,000 (Six hundred and twelve million, five hundred thousand) and the budget for the 2020 financial year in commitment authorization at FCFA 2,538,000,000 (Two billion, five hundred and thirty-eight million). At the end of the working session, the Committee noted with satisfaction the infrastructural, academic, logistical and organizational conditions put in place by the State of Cameroon, with agreement of the Congolese Party to consider with serenity the start of the training of Engineers of the International School of Digital Engineering for the 2019-2020 academic year. The terms of the recruitment and the special conditions of study of students for the 2019-2020 pioneer batch of the institution will soon be made public by a joint communique of the Minister of Higher Education of Congo and the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education of Cameroon. The Inter-State University will train in fields such as: agriculture, agro forestry, environment and ICT. Its headquarters are both located in Ouesso in Congo and Sangmelima in Cameroon.

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