Congo Basin: Water Resource Management Commission Meets in Yaounde

The meeting on June 6 was held in prelude to a Ministerial Council Meeting that comes up on Friday.

The Management Committee of the International Commission for the Congo–Oubangui-Sangha Basin (CICOS) has met in Yaounde ahead of the Ministerial Council Meeting scheduled to place on June 8.

The meeting chaired by the Secretary General of Cameroon’s Ministry of Transport yesterday, brought together delegates from Cameroon, DR Congo, Congo Republic, Gabon, Angola, and the Central African Republic.

The Secretary General of CICOS, Evan Judith Efundem Agbor, told reporters it is the duty of the Management Committee to examine and bring out the benefits and impact of every proposal tabled by the general secretariat before submitting it to the ministers for deliberation and adoption on Friday.

These include the road covered by the organization as well as its activities for the years to come.

“The Meeting on June 8 would be an ordinary session of the Ministerial Council and they will give the green light for the General Secretariat to start implementing proposed plans,” she said.

CICOS’ is a sub regional organization created toimprove water resource management and inland navigation safety in the Congo Basin. The Basin spans 10 countries in Africa and is one of the main means of transportationin the sub-region thatlacks an outlay of extensive infrastructure.

So far the Commission has been able to open a regional training center for inland navigation stakeholders; worked with member countries to put in place hydrometric stations to monitor the flow of water in the Congo basin to determine the quality and quantity of water in the basin and created an observatory for following up and ensuring safe navigation therein.

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