Commonwealth Day: Dialogue As Means To End Conflicts

The calls came amidst activities rounding off the 2017 edition in Buea.

The 2017 edition of the Commonwealth Day which started throughout the national territory on March 6, 2017 in Cameroon rounded off in Buea on Monday March 13, 2017. Celebrated on the theme “A Peace Building Commonwealth”, the various speakers who took to the rostrum stressed how dialogue is the only way forward on conflicts in the world. They pointed to the current crisis hitting the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon in what has become the Anglophone Problem. Felix Mbayu, Secretary General at the Ministry of External Relations, said the whole essence of Commonwealth is to promote constructive dialogue irrespective of one’s views. He emphasized that on the history of conflicts in the world, the warring factions have found common grounds only in dialogue and what is today known as Anglophone problem will end as this approach is being followed.

In the Queen’s message to all the Commonwealth nations, the various activities to be carried out like the Commonwealth Games were highlighted. The Queen did not fail to touch on peace in crisis that rock zones in the world. A message which was saluted by the British High Commissioner to Cameroon, Brian Olley. In the presence of the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon – Rene Cremonese, the South West Regional Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai and other top administrators, the British High Commissioner pointed out how Commonwealth has been a jewel to Cameroon.

 It emerged from the presentations that the celebration of the Commonwealth in Cameroon is an opportunity for Cameroonians to learn about the fundamental values and principles of the Commonwealth, be they political, economic or socio-cultural and for the government to reiterate its solidarity with the Commonwealth family.

To sympathize with victims of Boko Haram, undisclosed financial packages were handed to widows and orphans of some three fallen soldiers. Other items included bags of salt, cartoons of soap, and cartoons of vegetable oil among others. The event that unfolded at the Buea Council Chambers was a rare moment to celebrate the culture of Cameroon. Richard Kings singing together with the University of Buea Choir, Tata Kingue among other local artists demonstrated the strength of culture in peace building.

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