Collapse of Buildings: Business People Sensitised

The use of standardized sand, the right quality and quantity of water enhances durability.

The collapse of buildings nowadays is so regular that it has become a serious concern to professionals in the building industry, customers, government and general public. In most cases, the architects and engineers who are directly involved in the construction are held responsible for collapsed building .

It is worth remembering that at least four people were killed when a two-storey building under construction collapsed in Ndokoti, Douala, June, 2016, a five-storey building under construction went down to ruins in Nkongmondo still in Douala in September 2015 and another in Dschang collapse on 10 people who were working in it, as well as people who had sheltered themselves from rain in September 2017.

In line with efforts to stop the phenomenon, staff of Dangote Cement Factory Cameroon sensitised business people from the South West Region on quality construction and cement type, recently.

Company staff said, against a popular view that building collapse is due to cement quality, other things affect the quality of construction: sand, gravel, water, mixing. The quality and quantity of water and sand, as well as the way of mixing mortar strongly affect the resistance of the construction.

Dangote 3x (42.5R) cement, it was revealed, is made of clinker, gypsum and pozzolana, which is a part of substantial mining activity which occurred in Cameroon in 2011 with siliceous volcanic ash used to produce hydraulic cement.

The business people were urged to also pass on the message of sensitisation to their customers who are primarily consumers of the product to use standardized sand, quality and the right quantity of water for quality construction and durability. Participants made a site tour of the cement factory at the Douala seaport.

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