CNDP: New Party Promotes Living Together

Chairman of the Cameroon National Democratic Party, Prof. Muluh Penn George preaches love for the country.

Love for fellow Cameroonians in living together and love for country as the gateway to economic revival, development and prosperity is the vision of the Cameroon National Democratic Party, (CNDP). That was the subject of a recent press briefing by its Chairman, Professor Muluh Penn George in Bamenda. He disclosed his intentions to feature as the candidate of the CNDP during the 2018 presidential elections.

It was against this backdrop that Prof. Muluh Penn George said his experience, after cris-crossing some 186  countries of the world puts him on better pedestals to understand and initiate solutions to take Cameroon forward in economic prosperity and  development. He inspired Cameroonians to embrace living together in times like this. He stressed the need for Anglophones and Francophones to rise to expectation as sons and daughters of the same nation because it is the best approach to promote the economy instead of fighting each other. The unity of Anglophones and Francophones is crucial in his plan to help Cameroon shine on the world’s map.

The CNDP Chairman who doubles as a financial expert dreams towards a country whose economy will prosper and become an attraction for many from other countries to rush for opportunities in Cameroon. He believes that poor governance promotes corruption and says his party will work to promote hard working citizens that would transform the economy into a blessing for all. Prof. Muluh Pen George believes that Cameroonians from all the ten regions need to emerge and problems are a common denominator in all the regions that require frank dialogue as a solution and not violence. Prof. Muluh Penn believes that the CNDP is around on the strength of creation authorization, No.  1/40D/MINATD of 27th April, 2016 to solve, unsolvable issues.

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