Civil Status Registration: Regional Agencies Operational Soon

The Chiefs of the Agencies have been appointed  and trained with necessary skills.

The Regional Agencies of the National Civil Status Registration Office (BUNEC) will go operation in the coming days.

The board members of BUNEC in the extraordinary board meeting of October 31, 2017 appointed the Chiefs of the 10 Regional Agencies of the body and the chiefs were trained on November 2, 2017 at the BUNEC head office in Yaounde for them to effectively start work on Monday, November 6, 2017 while waiting for the ceremonies to commission them into office. The General Manager of BUNEC, Yomo Alexandre Marie specified the mission of the regional agencies chiefs in his opening statement at the training session. He said, they were called upon to perform the following rules, « the transmission of registers to civil status registries, training of civil status stakeholders, sensitisation of the population on the importance of civil status certificates, and the control of civil status registries. » He further said the chiefs would act as advisers at the level of the Governors Offices with regards to civil status.

Considering the daunting mission, BUNEC Regional Agencies Chiefs were trained on the process of the civil status reform in Cameroon, actors and missions of the national civil status system in Cameroon, judicial framework of the civil status, strategic plan for the rehabilitation of civil status, missions of BUNEC, procedures for the execution of BUNEC’s budget and techniques of administrative writing.

Talking to Cameroon Tribune, BUNEC General Manager, Yomo Alexandre Marie said the regional agencies are there to act as a relay on what is done at the central level. He said in trainings organised by BUNEC and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, over 4,100 civil status stakeholders have been trained and the regional agencies chiefs have to strengthen the training. He said effective take off of the regional agencies have started with the appointment of regional chiefs and added that staff will soon be transferred to the agencies to facilitate work.

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