Civil Status Reforms: France’s Support Under Review

A workshop to assess the country’s contribution to the programme to rehabilitate the national civil status system took place in Yaounde on December 12, 2016.


France’s support to the ongoing Cameroon Civil Status Rehabilitation Programme (PRE2C) has been described as precious and encouraging. The Secretary General in the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Pierre Essomba was speaking in Yaounde on December 12, 2016, while chairing a workshop to assess the financial support of France to the programme which started in 2007 and approved by the Prime Minister, Head of Government in 2011. France’s support which Cameroon Tribune learnt stands at FCFA 1.3 billion (2 million Euros), the MINATD scribe said, is visible with concrete results and progress recorded in the field.

To benefits he added, will not only enhance and modernise the Cameroon civil status system, but will also secure it. Apart from the construction of eight pilot secondary civil status registries in some four regions, civil status officers and secretaries as well as other stakeholders such as diplomats, traditional rulers and parliamentarians have been trained and sensitised.

The attaché in charge of Cooperation and Cultural Action in the French Embassy in Yaounde, Régis Dantaux said though the support has come to an end, France will continue to partner with Cameroon for the modernisation drive of its civil status.

Meanwhile, a book titled “White Paper on Civil Status Registration” highlights the values, processes of civil status registration and makes proposals of improving the system. The book produced by the French contracting firm Civilpol, analysis the 18 thematic issues raised by civil status officials during different trainings and proposed solutions for the civil status reforms in Cameroon. During a restitution workshop, the Director of Political Affairs in the Ministry of Territorial and Decentralisation, Alian Issanda Issanda called on participants to enrich the document with succinct proposals.

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