Church Services Mark Easter Celebration

Most religious activities like prayer retreats, crusades, lent season and evangelistic outreaches rounded up Sunday


Holy devotion to marking Easter among Christians in the port city of Douala was consummated Sunday April 16. Shouts of hallelujah and amen were overheard from churches in Ngangue, New Priso and New Bell during ecumenical services ended the lent season that was marked by fasting and praying that ran between three to forty days.

Easter, according to Elder Agbai of the Apostolic Church New Priso, commemorates the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. “We commemorated it with the holding of three-day officers’ seminar during which we revisited our attachment to the humiliation and rising to life of our Lord Jesus Christ. As concerns the Presbyterian Church Kuwait in Bois des Singes, the Easter Sunday was a day of total celebration and rejoicing after forty days of committed fasting and praying that brought countless spiritual blessings and breakthroughs. Meanwhile, crusades were held indoors in most church denominations in view of bringing many to the saving knowledge of the gospel through repetition of the gospel message of reconciliation and the retelling of redemption story.

The ritual of baptism, wedding and a prayer walk along some streets of Douala were common among mainstream churches like the Catholic.

Many Christians of the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral (Catholic Church) in Akwa attended the Sunday service with a heart of thanksgiving to God for preserving them. The clergy, like other servants of God in other churches, reminded the Christians that Easter celebrates Jesus Christ, the Head of the church,  who was killed, buried and rose from the dead, sometimes called ‘the Resurrection’ and defeated evil and death forever.

Some churches started their celebrations at midnight on Easter eve. Candles shorn in some Catholic churches on the eve of Easter in New Bell. Candles according to Catholic Christians remind that Jesus is the light of the world and that when He rose to life on Easter Day He got rid of the darkness of evil.

Although Easter is purely a Christian feast marked by religious activities, non-Christians stole the show with drinking, dancing and hobnobbing with lovers across joints and, especially, nightclubs in the city of Douala.

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