Christian Patrice : One Man Show

Okole Ndongo Christian Patrice, a Cameroonian of a father from the Littoral and mother from the Centre is a young Artist/Comedian and Author who is into the field of theatre, not only for humor but also performs sketches and poetry. The 30-year-old Christian Patrice known by his artistic name as ‘Lechris/t’ organized on October 20, 2019 at the Cameroon Cultural Center a one – man – show, where he performed a sketched titled “Chercher le mots”. The one – hour – ten minutes show was out to entertain the numerous guests present at the show. The objective of the show was not only to entertain them, but equally to see how contributions can be made towards the development of the community as regards solutions to the different problems. Present at the show was the comedian ‘‘Keguegue’’ who came to support Christian in his show. A passionate for theatre, what pulled Patrice into the field was the love he had for the art and also the knowledge that, through this art valuable information could be passed on to others. His Facebook and YouTube pages are opened to all and bear the name “Lechris/tcomèdien” where contributions are made and information passed on. 

The young Patrice made his first performance at the 2018 National Festival of Arts and Culture (FENAC) in Bertoua, where he was admired and later on called to perform in Garoua and Ngaoundere. He has a team of five enthusiastic youths with whom he is presently working with. Aside performing, he organizes training sessions for all aspiring to venture in the theatre world. The training goes for three months which ends with a show organized for the trainees to reproduce what they have acquired. The training fee stands at FCFA 25,000, which is equivalent to the estimated expenditures that will be used throughout the three months of training for transportation and equipment. The young entrepreneur, though aspiring, has no partners with whom he is in collaboration. But he receives support from some renowned artist like Dongo Jean Bosco, while hoping to get into partnership with well wishers and some enterprises.

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