Chinese Warships in Cameroon

The fleet comprising three ships are on a stopover in Douala on mission to secure maritime commerce.

A fleet of three Chinese warships docked at the Douala port on Monday June 11th on its way from Ghana; The fleet comprising two frigates and one back up ship, is on a surveillance mission to fight against piracy and protect maritime commerce.

On Tuesday June 12th, the captains of the ship, Major Colonel Wu Dongzhu and vice admiral Guo Hongwei and their crews offered a reception on board the frigate Yancheng to the top administrative and military brass of the Littoral Region. Visitors were treated to a short performance of Chinese music and as well had the opportunity to taste the Chinese gastronomy.

Prior to the reception, visitors were treated to a guided tour of the facilities of the ship. Besides the merry making, there was exchange of military gadgets between some Chinese and Cameroonian marines.

The fleet will leave Cameroon on Thursday for an undisclosed destination. Prominent among those present, was the Governor of the Littoral, Samuel Ivaha Diboua and the commander of the second combined military region Saly Mohamadou.

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