Children Showcase Eagerness

Children in virtually all homes in the North West region look up to stakeholders

in the education sector to give them a chance to pursue the learning process


It is evident that in the face of the socio-political crisis rocking the North West and South West regions, children appear at a loss why their education is being taken hostage. Many parents have been scratching their hair without enough answers for children who are thirsty for knowledge. The children are yet to understand why education is being threatened and retarded for a generation whom all claim to represent the future of the nation.

 In the short and long of it, education remains the hope for children. That is why many courageous children chose the path of wisdom when the threats were greatest in the 2016/2017 academic year. They braved the challenges, studied in very difficult circumstances, enrolled and participated in end of course examinations when least expected by proponents of schools boycott.

It is against this backdrop that the Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe during a working visit to the North West region on August 29th, 2017 took time off to salute the courage of children who gave education a chance in 2016/2017.  But for the threats, many more children should have been a full part of the learning and teaching process. Such children who could not dominate fear spent the year in farms, on football playgrounds or idling and falling prey to some societal vices. Many children want to remember the situation as an ugly past in their preparedness to make things happen this time around. They look up to their parents to help matters and it is hoped that all will be well.

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