Chantal Biya Joins Peace Initiatives

The First Lady will join her peers in advocating for a decent life for all people and the sustainability of the planet during this General Assembly.

The presence of Cameroon’s First Lady at this year’s UN General Assembly session will be another milestone in her role in ensuring that people, no matter where they are live in peace. In line with her actions as a Goodwill Ambassador for one of the UN’s flagship organisations, Mrs Biya will join other First Ladies present at this summit, to seek ways by which to ameliorate the lives of people all over the world. Top on the agenda will equally be discussions on the way forward in the struggle to preserve our planet.

As she accompanies her husband, President Paul Biya, on the various platforms in this conclave of world leaders, the First Lady, throughout her stay in New York, will draw from her vast wealth of experience in humanitarian activities, to spur the discussions and build on the momentum generated by the present quest for global peace. The first real opportunity for this will be today, September 19, 2017, at a reception hosted by the Presidential Couple of the United States of America, Donald and Melanie Trump. This is the first time both First Couples will be meeting in this official capacity. Coming up on the heels of this reception will be another event hosted by First Lady, Melanie Trump, this time exclusively to all First Ladies in attendance at this UN General Assembly.

The highlights of Chantal Biya’s activities will be when her husband, President Biya will address the UN General Assembly on Friday September 22, 2017. There is no doubt that Chantal Biya believes in her person and the role she has been known to play beside her illustrious husband, in guiding and propelling the great nation of Cameroon along shores of peace, in a time when all other ground around seems to be sinking sand.

This year’s edition of the United Nations General Assembly comes at a time when the whole world is plagued by conflicts, divisions, treats to the sovereignty of nations and degradation of the livelihood of many communities. It is the hope of many that world leaders will be able to find prompt and lasting solutions to these crises. Given President’s Biya’s long standing reputation as a man of peace and Mrs Chantal Biya’s many years of advocacy for the alleviation of human plight, their contribution in the conversations around the theme of this year’s UN General Assembly; “Focusing on People: Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for all on a Sustainable Planet,” should go a long way in attaining this objective.

One thing is sure: Mrs Biya has proven herself to be not only a woman with a great heart but also an established authority in the domain of improving the lives of other people. We can therefore be confident that the full measure of her weight will be brought to bear on the present occasion as she has previously demonstrated.

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