Centre : Women Show Generosity to IDPs

Conceived and launched to celebrate womanhood; the Cameroon chapter of the outfit, « Once a Mom, always a Mom » also known as OMAM, was on song in the Biyem-Assi neighborhood of Yaounde on February 29th, 2020 where they went showing love, care and assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) of the Center for Needy and Vulnerable, running away from the socio-political and security crisis rocking the North West and South West regions. The event was an outing to encourage and inspire hope in the needy and vulnerable IDPs women and girls with frustrations and challenges stretching from a short supply of food items, lodging facilities, poverty and difficulties to handle healthcare and educational concerns.

It is against this backdrop that OMAM members, led by their National President, Rosaline Manka took a machine to help the IDPs in sealing chips, sanitary pads, dresses and some food items. The facility was donated after the IDPs received some bags of flour and on-the-spot lessons on how to generate income through the production of plantain chips, egg roll, fish roll, fish pie, bath gel etc. It was a rare moment to shine the faces of the IDPs who showed gratitude with special prayers for OMAM which according to them, is a blessing for the vulnerable.  The Center’s Promoter, Sylvie Afor Chi hailed OMAM for the gesture that rekindles hope.              

Curtains dropped on the event with the National President of OMAM, Rosaline Manka    stating the preparedness of the outfit to continue works that enhance livelihood especially amongst women. Care and motherhood is at the center of OMAM activities. Barely two years old; OMAM already sounds off for uniting women to care for their welfare. Built on the value of care for one another, OMAM features programmes that educate members on relevant social and economic issues, health, business, sex and relationship that ensure harmony in families and communities. They empower members towards successful business ventures and gives meaning to the role of housewives and womanhood.

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