Career Orientations for Youths

This is within the frame work of a conference organised on June 6th in Douala.

In order to ease the social insertion of youths after training in this epoch of digital revolution, the Catholic University of Africa in collaboration with PANESS IIHT organised a conference at the Castel Hall in Douala on June 6th to offer academic and professional orientation.

The conference which took place on the theme, youth, future and success, saw personal testimonies and tips of success from some top business magnets in Cameroon. For instance there was a presentation from the Director General of Sawa hotel, Pierre Moifo and the DG of Blessing petrol company, Paul Dengoue on understanding the realities of the world and success in life.

There was also a presentation from Dr Philippe Totto on discovering new professions offered by the digital revolution as well as responsible behaviour towards social networks.

There were equally presentations on the courses offered by the Catholic University of Africa, PANESS and IT Camer and a presentation on the concept of the useful holiday or ‘vacances utiles’ to be organised in the days ahead by Wilfred Teka and Lea Kana.

According to the organiser of the event, Dieudonné Tietse, the conference which is the first of its kind is in prelude to the management days to be organised in the days ahead on management of information and decision making. He said the emancipation of Africa can only come through human capacity development.

United under the banner of the African Leadership Foundation, they are out to explain the stakes of the present dispensation to enable them make good choices in life.

“If yesterday was difficult, today is more difficult and tomorrow will be even more difficult, hence the need for youth to be well equipped intellectually so as to be able to cope with the world in future.

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