Campaign for Legislation on Tobacco

The Cameroon Coalition for Tobacco Control held a meeting with journalist in Douala to this effect.

The Cameroon Coalition for Tobacco Control, CCCT is spearheading a campaign for stricter local legislation on tobacco. According to communication officer for the nongovernmental organisation, Prince Mpondo, Cameroon is signatory to the WHO convention against tobacco and it is not therefore normal that there is no local legislation on the issue and the existing laws are being flawed by tobacco companies.

He said since the multi sectoral commission for the fight against tobacco was created in 2015, they been waiting in vain for the commission to come up with a draft legislation Djuikom Chekumo Judith Noel disclosed that according to a study conducted by CCCT in some 20 schools in Yaounde, revealed that there were 173 tobacco sales points near schools and 44 posters advertising cigarettes were posted of the walls of school buildings which are in violation of the law prohibiting the advertisement of cigarettes or selling cigarettes to youths.

Campaigners are not only calling for the enforcement of the law prohibiting tobacco adverts by media or posters to also cover the social media.

They also advocate for a tax increase on tobacco products in an effort to reduce the number of smokers. There are also advocating for a law creating tobacco free zones in the country.

Tobacco consumption they said is dangerous to health as it can cause illnesses such cataract, tooth decay, heart disease, ulcers, cancer, low sperm count, hearing loss and wrinkling among others.

Statistics show that 2700 people die each year from tobacco related diseases and that 30 per cent of cancer cases are caused by tobacco consumption which accounts for 90 per cent of lung cancer cases.

The statistics also reveal that one million people smoke regularly among them, 300.000 youths while seven million are passive smokers. At the global level, tobacco kills seven million people.

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