Cameroon’s Diplomacy, Industrialisation Plan: Stakeholders Acquire Fundamental Tools

Diplomats and officials of the Ministry of External Relations have acquired new skills on promoting the industrialisation process of the country through the use of diplomacy. Presided at by the Director of the Department of the Commonwealth, James Gabche, representing the interim Secretary General, deliberations unfolded under the theme

“Stakes of the Cameroon Master plan of Industrialisation: contribution of Diplomacy,” on March 28, 2019. In his opening remarks, the Director noted that negotiating skills are fundamental tools to be acquired and used in the current dispensation of international affairs and the concept of industrialisation.

The stakeholders were trained by experts from BASICS International (a consultancy firm in international affairs). According to Administrative Director General of BASICS International, Celestin N’donga, the capacity building workshop was a communication and exchange exercise around the action master plan of industrialisation prescribed by the Head of State.

“It is important to expose to all stakeholders the fundamental tools to be used in promoting Cameroon’s diplomacy and the process of industrialisation. Diplomacy is one of the tools used in exploiting the world and paves the way for the industrial policy. As you know, this document has been imposed by the Head of State and it is important that the whole administration partakes in the realisation of this goal,” he stated.

Meanwhile, a financial expert of the same outfit, Babissakana on his part said in this new era of the expan sion in economic and financial diplomacy, it is important for stakeholders to be trained on the challenges of industrialisation at the national and international scene and brainstorm on possible solutions.

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