Cameroonians Tighten Support For Lions

As the team enters the semi-final stage today, supporters are bent on giving them the support and encouragement they

need to win


The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon are feeling at home in Gabon thanks to the support and encouragement of their fans out here. Even though the Lions have since relocated to Franceville, it has not stopped the fans from showing their support for the national team. As the Lions are preparing to play the semi-final match against the Black Stars of Ghana today, so too are the fans warming up to cheer the team to victory.

Fans from Gabon, Cameroon, France and other neighbouring countries are already planning their trip to Franceville in order to not miss the opportunity. Some fans in Libreville started travelling to Franceville yesterday February 1, 2017. Most of the business places owned by Cameroonian fans have been temporarily closed down because of the trip.

Paul Ashu, a Cameroonian based in Libreville said he has decided to suspend his business in order to travel. He said he wanted to arrive in Franceville early to avoid inconveniencies. Martin a young supporter said he will travel to Franceville because he wants to watch the semi-final match live. One fan, Edouard said fans who have relatives in Franceville travelled two days before earlier. He said transport fare by train costs FCFA 43,000 while by air it costs FCFA 100,000. Martin another supporter said after the victory of the Lions in the quarter-final preparations have been going on in the different groups in Libreville. “We will join the others in Franceville to cheer our team to victory,” he said. Ngando Pickett and his band arrived in Moanda, some 40km from Franceville early enough just as was the case in the quarterfinal and together with the fans in Libreille are warming up to give the Lions the support they need to win.

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