Cameroon Registers Encouraging Health Results

A seminar to present the results of the pilot phase of the Performance Based Financing approach in Cameroon took place in Yaounde on Tuesday October 18, 2016.


Performance Based Financing is the is an approach to health system reform, focusing on results relative to the quantity and quality of services offered to the population including the vulnerable and poor. It is in this light that a seminar to present the results of the Impact Evaluation of the Pilot Phase of the Performance Based Financing Approach in Cameroon and to adopt the investment document aimed at improving mother and child health of the Global Financing Facility took place in Yaounde on Tuesday October 18, 2016.

Speaking at the opening, the Minister of Public Health, André Mama Fouda said the Performance Based Financing approach has achieved significant results in health districts in the country. He called on stakeholders to work hand-in-glove in order to find mechanisms to enable the new approach be at the centre of the mother and child health.  

The Performance Based Financing approach was launched in 2012 with support from the World Bank. In this sense it is the results that encourage the giving of financing to health districts notably transparency and good governance, quality of health care, efficiency in resource utilisation and equity in access to health care.

Presently, there are 44 districts with more than 500 health facilities under the performance based financing. The rigorous evaluation of the pilot project shows a positive impact on several aspects such as coverage of health services, quality of health services, patient satisfaction and provider satisfaction. Through this approach Cameroon is eligible in the new Global Financing Facility in support of every woman every child where by the focus is on pregnant women and new born babies.

It is expected that with the financing, it will be possible to reduce drastically the rate of maternal and infant mortality. The National scale-up of PBF in Cameroon will first increase coverage to health districts in the North, Far North and Adamawa regions in 2017 followed by a phased extension of PBF to all health districts in the country by 2020.

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