Cameroon Navy: 57 More Warrant Officers

They were entreated to be responsible, pursue merit, excellence and  have a spirit of sacrifice.

The 2015 batch of Warrant Officers of the Second Joint Military Region of the Cameroon Navy came to the end of their training over the week-end. During an end-of-course ceremony at the Douala Naval Base Friday, April 14, presided over by Major General Abougou Abouma in the presence of other army officers in the port city, the 57 trainees were decorated with epaulets as a public recognition of their position as Warrant Officers in the Cameroon Navy.

In his keynote address Major General Abougou Abouma noted that the training received is rudimentary but offers a very vital foundation in the navy. He called on them to separate from old techniques and embrace those gained during the training, noting: “You must shun laxness, fraud, absenteeism, corruption, laziness, stealing, and embrace justice and more responsible behaviours; you should know, however, that the challenges and demands awaiting you are enormous; these include a steadfast faithfulness to public institutions and your respect of hierarchy which cannot be bargained.”

Before taking oath of their attachment to the values of the corps, the young soldiers were handed over a flag and a symbolic weapon, which the army officer explained: “This is your flag; you will defend it everywhere at anytime even at the cost of your blood. The symbolic weapon is a sign for you to pursue merit and excellence, with courage and a spirit of sacrifice. You have a heavy responsibility to preserving it in order to pass it on to future generations.”

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