« Cameroon Is In Need Of A Victory »

How prepared is your team for the upcoming African Nations Championship?

The players know that we are in the last phase of preparations and as a result, everybody is determined. They know that we want the best from them. The state of preparedness is on top form. The players are ready to give their best. This time around according to our style of play and the last training session that we had we found out we have to maximize work on the attack line. So that is where we will maximize our work. We are going to work more in that direction so that we can score goals. Because when we go back to our past preparations we notice that we had scored few goals whereas our style of play and analysis show us that we had a ball possession of 450 passes during a match which we had to finalise the actions. Now we will work to maximize our chances of scoring.

Less than two weeks to the competition can we say the dream team has already been designed?

I cannot reveal it now. But I know that the dream team is there. Now we will wait till the last minute to see who will be the 23 soldiers who will come out of the group. Globally, that is our work. We are waiting in the next few days to publish the long-awaited list.

There are 16 teams in the competition. Are there any teams or a team that scares you?

No. When we go for war we prepare. We have our weapons. For me, I say we should not neglect any team because every team comes with their weapons. We take all the adversaries seriously and we are going to play each match as if we are playing the final. As if tomorrow there will not be any more matches. That is the spirit that I want to transmit to my players. They have to know that from the first match they should forget that there will be other matches after. They should play the first match as if it was a final. Our objective is to win the CHAN. We have made it clear from the beginning. We are organising the CHAN in this country and it is a long time that Cameroon is in need of a victory. Now they are there to give smile to Cameroonians. They are conscious of the heavy task which is theirs and us as well. So we will work hard for it to be effective.

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