Cameroon Congo Border : Demarcation Process on Right Footing

The mix commission for the demarcation and reaffirmation of the Cameroon- Congo border meeting that took place in Douala from the 20-21 of February has resolved to stay glued to the terms of reference for the success of the process. Curtains drop on Friday February 21 at the third mix commission meeting that saw members examining the 2019- 2020 activity plan and adopting the chronology of activity for the 2020/2021 road map. For two days, experts from both countries also brainstormed on ways to peacefully demarcate the Cameroon- Congo Border that was first carved out by the German and the French in 1908.   The third meeting of the mix commission came on the heels of that which took place in Ouesso -Congo in 2019. Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji disclosed that the meeting was in line with the text that created the commission to ensure a peaceful demarcation of the over 400km border shared by both countries. He thanked both President Paul Biya of Cameroon and Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo for their level headedness and maturity in the demarcation processes. On his part, the Congolese Minister of Interior, Decentralization and Development, Raymond Zephirin Mboulou reiterated that there was no border conflict between Cameroon and Congo. He said it was necessary for the commission to trace out the boundaries after over 100 years. 

A communiqué that sanctioned the meeting called on both Heads of State to continue to mobilize financial and material resources to pursue the demarcation processes. Committee members expressed the necessity for the development of the zone to the benefit of the population of both countries. They equally adapted the roadmap for the 2020- 2021 demarcation process. They congratulated observers for their rich contribution towards the success of the process. The communiqué that was signed by Atanga Nji Paul of Cameroon and Raymond Zephirin Mboulou of Congo also gave assurance the process was taking the right course.

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