Cameroon-Commonwealth: Upholding Shared Values

Activities to mark the Commonwealth Day were celebrated yesterday under the theme “Towards A Common Future.”

The 2018 edition of the Commonwealth Day has been celebrated in Cameroon and across the 53 member States of the Gentleman’s Club. The day, celebrated every second Monday in the month of March, has as objective the setting of an agenda for encouraging national reflection on key principles that echo the core values of the institution.

Highlighting cooperation ties between Cameroon and the Commonwealth, the Minister of External Relations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella said both parties benefit from the combination of diversity to produce positive change. Going by him, the Commonwealth works at securing a common and prosperous future amongst member States with Cameroon very inclusive.

In a keynote address by the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu, Cameroon and the Commonwealth have been valuable partners since 1995 with collaboration ties on an increase.

“Cameroon has benefitted from the support of the Commonwealth in the implementation of the country’s national policy on governance, elections management, improving literacy rate through the award of scholarships, human rights and gender equality. The Commonwealth was also very instrumental in the setting up of some institutions in Cameroon such as Elections Cameroon, the Audit Bench of the Supreme Court and the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms,” he stated.

The Cameroonian diplomat said doctrines shared with the Commonwealth such as freedom of speech should be exercised in the context of the law without violating the rights of other citizens.

The British High Commissioner, Rowan Laxton, on his part said the theme of this year’s celebration indicates how the Commonwealth reacts to global challenges faced by member nations. “The uniqueness of the Commonwealth lies in its networks. Member States need to work together to educate each other, fight insecurity, combat deforestation, and promote peace, respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law as stated in the Commonwealth Charter,” he averred.

Her Majesty, the Queen’s traditional message was read on the occasion. Some workers of the Ministry who have been appointed to serve the nation in other areas were recognized for their services rendered. Cameroon joined the Commonwealth in 1995 and has actively participated in promoting the shared values of this organisation.

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