Cameroon-China Relations: Cooperation Ties Discussed

Diplomatic ties between Cameroon and the Peoples’ Republic of China have been reviewed with prospects of broadening areas of cooperation within the course of the year. This was during an audience granted the Chinese Ambassador, Wang Yingwu by the Minister of External Relations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella on January 3, 2019. Both diplomats discussed the state of relations between both countries, which the Ambassador noted after the audience have been friendly with positive outcomes.

The Chinese diplomat said they reviewed mutual relations between Cameroon and China, and discussed a possible diplomatic plan of action for the year. “Cooperation ties between Cameroon and China have been friendly and positive. We examined our bilateral relations with the objective of strengthening existing ties,” he stated. Ambassador Wang Yingwu said they equally held talks with regards to the intensification and diversification of cooperation ties. He stated that some of the sectors of expansion will include health, education and commerce.

The Chinese diplomat said the year will be characterised by high level official visits to reinforce Sino-Cameroon diplomatic relations. Wang Yingwu told the journalists that he presented his New Year wishes to the Minister and his collaborators while equally be transmitting those of the President of China to the President of the Republic of Cameroon through the Minister of External Relations.

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