Camair-Co: Understanding A Restructuring Plan!

Cameroon’s Airlines Corporation, Camair-Co, has unveiled a restructuring plan which if fully funded and implemented could move the outfit’s current fleet from five to twelve and hopefully make it to ably stand growing competitiveness in the sector. The plan presented to the public on Monday March 20, 2017 is in line with the revamping policy began by government to revive the ‘national pride’ that has suffered dwindling fortunes blamed largely on insufficient planes, unstable nature of existing ones and the perennial problem of funding.

In a chat with Cameroon Tribune yesterday March 21, the General Manager of Camair-Co, Ernest Dikoum, sounded upbeat with the plan. “Let’s not be pessimistic. The project is not easy but we are getting there. With regards to the potentials, I sincerely believe that all Cameroonians are wishing to see the company rebuilt. We have presented the timetable and all of that has to go with funding.”  He urged customers to be patient. “Presenting it today doesn’t mean that everything will happen tomorrow. Once we get there everybody will forget the past,” he said.

Ernest Dikoum and Michael Bangue-Tandet, Sales Director, International Sales, Boeing gave details of the restructuring plan and how it could impact the health of the company in the short, medium and long terms.

Michael Bangue-Tandet : It’s About Fleet Extension”

Sales Director, International Sales, Boeing.

What precisely does the restructuring plan of Camair-Co consist in?

We had been contracted by the airline company, Camair-Co in order to support it in the search for efficiency. We have been working here for one and a half year, to develop a new plan. We have worked on the plan which has been presented to government. It consists in four stages with support and different operations. This plan is about fleet extension and other operations to ensure efficiency and safe flight. The fleet of Camair-Co will grow from five to 12 planes, including one chattered air plane. We are happy to be here to support the government of Cameroon and Camair-Co.

When will the purchase of the planes begin?

We have been working with the airlines company on this and it is all about ensuring that there are sufficient planes in order to increase the level of support to the airlines in the region. Our goal is to start implementing the fleet expansion in order to help.

This is not the first revamping plan for Camair-Co. How different is this one from that which had been presented before?

We have been working on this plan for a year and a half and as time progresses, we are making adjustments. The plan has not changed. The plan is aligning with what we shared. It is still the same plan which the Head of State approved. It is still the same plan which we have been working on to enhance and improve.

How soon will the implementation of the restructuring plan begin?

We are already working on the plan. There are so many stages in the plan from technical to fleet extension. Concerning the technical operations, we have been here and working to help as well. Concerning the fleet extension, it is something that will be worked out with the government.

Looking at the competitive market, what guarantee is there that the plan you have drawn up would permit Camair-Co to stand the tests of time?

We are working very hard with government and Camair-Co to get this plan work. Like we said, it has been a year and a half of hard work and we will keep working. We are working very hard with Camair-Co and the team to get this plan work for the benefit of the local people.

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