Calm Returns To Bamenda

After a fruitful exchange with various opinion leaders in Bamenda, the Prime Minister’s presence left behind a peaceful town.

The inhabitants of the North West Regional capital, Bamenda woke up to a peaceful day yesterday Sunday, 27 November 2016. This follows two days of intense discussions between Prime Minister Philemon Yang and opinion leaders such as traditional rulers, leaders of lawyers and teachers’ trade unions that have been at the forefront of a sit-in action which almost went out of hand.

Churches in town functioned normally as Christians worshipped without any hindrance.  Those who wanted to carry out purchases of certain basic necessities in town were able to do so without any problems. The dissuasive presence of security men deployed at strategic places in town had no negative effects on the population in the likes of what was observed days earlier when the upheavals started.

Spearheading the consultations in Bamenda on Friday 25 November, Prime Ministers Yang gave room for all opinion leaders having any axe to grind as concerns the English educational sub-system and the questions raised by Common Law lawyers to express themselves. The issues had degenerated and made some disgruntled youth to go protesting in the streets in Bamenda with demands of all sorts and disrupting the normal flow of businesses and other activities in town.

Consequently, Prime Minister Yang’s presence in Bamenda to examine the issues and listen to the people came like a balm on the wounds and many expressed the wish to see such dialogue continue for the population to go about life in Bamenda freely. While waiting for any further follow-up to the discussions, the people moved about yesterday without any disturbance and the day was therefore business as usual in the North West Regional capital. The situation about the resumption of classes in schools that were affected by the strike action will be clearer as from today November 28, 2016, with the start of another working week.

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