Bui SDO Frowns At Recurring Indiscipline

He says delegates and service heads should make their impact felt in the division.


Speaking at an emergency meeting in Kumbo on October 11 2016, Bui Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Nzeki Theophile, told divisional delegates and other service heads that it was inappropriate for any of them to travel out of his administrative area without due permission from him.

“Some of you simply move to Bamenda and call me by phone to say you are out of the division,’’ he said. The SDO added that aides may not see anything wrong with this, but explained that the moment something unfortunate happens, their eyes will be opened. He called for respect of administrative procedures and hierarchy, saying he represents all ministries in the division. Nzeki Theophile harped on the need for the vertical and horizontal flow of information amongst aides and personnel of the various services.

He reminded them of periodic reports, which he said were part of good governance. The civil administrator said he has received complaints from Divisional Officers in the six Subdivisions of Bui on how service heads enter and carry out official assignments in their subdivision without the courtesy of informing them. He said the DOs have the right to chase out anyone who enters their territory without informing them of their mission.

He called on the newly posted service heads to introduce themselves to their old colleagues before announcing plans for their installation. He said it would be necessary to install them so that the population can know them, their mission and what is expected of the population as well.

The delegates on their part resolved to foster collaboration and work in the interest of the development of Bui Division and the country as a whole.

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