Buea : Youth Stage Impressive Turnout

The 53rd Youth Day was celebrated in Buea, South West Regional capital; with an impressive march past of youth groups. Participating were the University of Buea, Public Works School, BGS Molyko, GTHS Buea, GBHS  (Bokwaongo) and youngsters of the CPDM party in power.

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai’s arrival at the Independence Square at 11. 30am, kicked off the two-hour festivities under the watchful eyes of local Administrative, military and traditional dignitaries  well as the Nigerian Consul General, Mohammed Bashir. As the Governor took his seat at the Grand Stand, the Head of State’s address to the youth on the eve of the event was repeated on loud-speakers to keenly attentive ears. The President’s speech was applauded by many youth when he promised 500, 000 jobs this year. Equally sensitive was the President’s call for youth participation in upcoming political rendez-vous in the noble sense of it.

As if to muddy the insecurity threats that had loomed over the city of Buea from the 5th of February engineered by the social media, the youth day ceremony pulled crowds of young people in T-Shirts who thronged the independence Square under a tight security apparatus. Attendees filled the main grand-stand as youth groups march passed downwards carrying placards with unity appealing inscriptions. One could read; “Dignity, Territorial integrity and Multiculturalism for a harmonious nation”. Also read on the billboards were messages including calls for “Dialogue and peace for nation building”.

Hectic march pasts were also organized in Limbe, Tiko and other major towns of the South West to mark this year’s national Youth Day. At the close of the event at Buea Independence Square, Governor Okalia Bilai expressed his joy for the enthusiastic participation of youth in Buea and praised the various authorities for their organizational qualities. He urged the youth to digest the Head of State’s address and make the best use of it.

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