Buea: Teaching, Learning Begin

The famous Boarding schools have all received their student population.

Schools visited in Buea yesterday morning showed and impressive start of the academic year 2017-18. This is coming to turn a page over the morose atmosphere lived last year.

In the various school premises many more cars were parked than usual because the parents came to accompany their children to either Primary or Secondary Schools. This observation was done at the BGS Molyko, GTHS Molyko, GHS Bokwaongo, GBHS Muea and many others along the highways. 

In Limbe the famous Saker Baptist High School registered some 200 students all of which started effective classes yesterday. Their Principal, Ghawi Shomsi, rejoiced that the atmosphere was becoming propitious for studies and there was no waste of time but to quickly delve into the academic programme.

That is why when MINESEC came visiting Che Gwendoline was in a full class lesson of English language for Form One. At the GBHS Limbe, the Principal, Monono Hannah Efeti, was busy ensuring that discipline began the first day with all students present sitting in their classes and receiving lessons. In the first day of resumption over 800 students could be counted in the campus.

Meanwhile in the neighbouring GHS limbe, Madame Lois Ikome, the Principal, could smile from ear to ear with one of the most impressive numbers. Of some 2000 students expected over 1500 were present. This, to the visiting Minister, was an exploit that will go crescendo in the days ahead.

The Bota-based SONARA School usually has no boycott problems as their principal, Tripodi Diane showed round her school premises with no qualms of school boycott.

Remarkably, the first day of school reopening in the South West foretold an inspiring class attendance this year. Reports from other administrative Divisions spoke of similar school resumption in the South West Region.


 Mohamed Abubakar: “We Have Started full-fledged Classes”

Imam of Buea.

“I speak for the Islamic primary School in Buea. The Islamic School in Buea has started full-fledged classes. We have called on all parents to send their children to school because the home is the wrong place for them at this time. As concerns security matters, we should have our own security trusting in God. Human security will always fail us sometimes. We think that there are measures put in place, the guards and police. There is one thing people forget to know whether at home or not if death comes you will die.”

 Motomby Mbome Emmanuel: “Students, Pupils Yearned For School Reopening”

First Deputy Mayor, Buea

“The release of detainees has re-ignited hope in school going children. The ecstasy and euphoria with which the news was greeted has facilitated school resumption. Students and pupils yearned for school reopening. Things are alright in Buea”


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