Buea: Socio-economic Activities Resume

The South West regional chief town of Buea is alive since January 18, 2017 following two days of grounded activities resulting from the ghost town operations.

News of Cameroon’s 2-1 win over Guinea Bissau, Wednesday, January 18, 2017 night sweetened the minds of the people. Inhabitants of the key towns of the South West Region awoke to normal activities across the region. From Menji in Lebialem to Kumba in Meme, passing  through Bangem in Kupe-Muanenguba, Mamfe in Manyu, Mundemba in Ndian  and Limbe in Fako these divisional headquarters echoes harmony, hustle and bustle since Wednesday. Some agitation earlier noted in neighouring towns of Buea such as Muyuka, Ekona and Mutengene were quickly quelled.

At Ekona, a group of youngsters playing football near the main road engaged in a standoff with the forces of law and order after their ball was crushed by a passing vehicle. Travellers account said the teenagers insisted on getting money to buy a new ball. Since it was near a check point, the witness said, the forces intervened and the confrontation degenerated into violence, leaving wounded persons on both sides. However, the various localities are breathing a new found calm, as traffic between Buea and Kumba, passing through Ekona and Muyuka was quickly restored.

Apart from empty schools and courtrooms in the Region, a conducive atmosphere for socio-economic activities is now the order of the day. Throughout Thursday, January 19, discussions in clustered groups and especially in public places centred on two main issues; the ongoing African Nations Cup competition in Gabon and the arrest of ring leaders of the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium.

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