Buea: President Biya’s Victory Lights Up Supporters

The evening of yesterday was longer than usual in Buea among the ruling CPDM spheres. Members in the capital of the South West Region, clustered in various homes in merry making following the proclamation of the October 7, 2018 presidential resultS which gathered a 71.28 per cent victory for incumbent President Paul Biya.

Although people remained indoors as usual on Mondays under the threat of invisible persons promoting ghost towns, TV and radio sets constituted the firesides of most grouping in homes.

A majority of people were all ears as the Constitutional Council discharged their 4 hours 20 minutes proclamation, tallying figures, words, phrases and sentences to tell the world the outcome of this year’s presidential consultation. Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai watched and listened to his office TV set throughout the solemn proclamation from start to finish.

Certainly he heaved a sigh of relief for the successful election process that undoubtedly whirled him in his security and administrative duties over the six geographical Divisions of the South West Region. As one of the two Anglophone regions that remained hostile to the election and given that voting finally happened here was a feather on the caps of administrators of the area.

In Limbe, Fako Divisional capital, SDO Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux, Section President, Andrew Motanga who is also Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, alongside Hon. Gladys Etombi who is Fako East Constituency MP organized a festive clustering around a giant TV to live the event of the proclamation of the result.

The various Divisional headquarters of the South West lived the event in modesty without any major incident reported. Many commentators over here have seen the final proclamation of the presidential results as a beginning of a new era when peace has to be the preoccupation of everyone especially if Cameroonians have to look ahead.

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