Buea Markets Regain Bustle And Hustle

The Service Head in charge of the Buea Central Market, Ndive Njoh Paul, has indicated that the bi-weekly Buea Central Market has recorded an upsurge of traders in the Saturday market session of October 13, 2018, with approximately 1,000 traders. He added that the increase was from a fluctuating 30 traders who have constantly braved the odds when other traders and clients deserted the market around September 1 to early October to sell their goods. In the same vein, Cameroon Tribune equally observed a large crowd at the Great Soppo Market on Friday October 12, 2018 and the same inundation was noticed in Muea Market on Thursday on October 11, 2018.

But traders are complaining that turn-over is slow given that almost all traders have regained their shelters in the local markets. “During the period when most traders had fled the Buea Central Market, business was booming for me. Since people bought items in large quantities to stock their homes, I sold everything all the times. But now that most traders are back, business is very slow,” Ekweta Cyrielle, a fishmonger at the Buea Central Market explained.

A dealer in vegetable oil, Esther, in Muea Market gave a similar complaint. “Homes have been stocked with so much food and customers just come to the market now to buy seasoning items. But thank God we are back in the market,” she said. Buea Council market staff lamented that toll fee collection in the local markets in Buea are near zero. “

We understand the difficulties people are going through. Sometime in September 2018, we did not even have traders in the markets. Now that they are back, we just have to give them time to regain themselves in business before we start toll collection,” one of the collectors said in Muea Market. K

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