Buea: Imam Calls For Responsible Parenthood

This was as the community of Buea Muslims converged on the Buea Town Green Field esplanade to commemorate 30 days of fasting.

In the face of a wild social media especially among the youths, the Chief Imam of the Buea Central Mosque, Imam Mohammed Aboubakar, has taken parents to task to sensitise their offspring on how dangerous it can affect the society. He questioned parents who do not live an exemplary live worth emulating by their off-springs and so allow them to engage in exploiting information on the social media from doubtful sources which may tend to harm the society. The cleric was addressing hundreds of Muslim faithful from the pulpit as he delivered his sermon last Sunday June 25, 2017 at the Buea town Green Field esplanade on the occasion of the Feast of Ramadan, attended by South West Governor-Bernard Okalia Bilai, administrative authorities and a host of Christians. He hammered that the society should auto- police itself in whatever sphere they find themselves. “Do not point fingers and leave yourself blameless. Hold yourself accountable for what is happening in the country today,” the cleric stressed. Imam Mohammed Aboubakar also appealed to Allah to bless Cameroonian youths with good character and moral conducts. The cry of all those seeking the fruit of the womb received special attention from the cleric.

Mallam Jibril Tamfu, Secretary General of the Buea Moslem Community, explained that the Feast of Ramadan comes 30 days after fasting. Fasting, he said, trains an individual on rightful thinking. During this period they engaged in collective breaking of the fasting every morning at the Mosque. Charity were encouraged as they took to prisons and other needy homes.

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