Buea: Governor Advises Those Liberated

Of the released internees, 12 heading for the South West were handed to Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai last Friday morning by Legion Commander, Colonel Jules Njeuha.

Twelve of the persons domiciled in the South West Region who were arrested in connection with the Anglophone crisis are now reunited with their families and friends. They were released in Yaounde by Presidential Order of 30 August, 2017, and those for the South West Region were ferried to their destination guarded aboard a hired public transport bus that traveled in the night of 31 August breaking  September 1, 2017.

Upon arrival, the freed detainees were taken to the South West Governor’s Office accompanied by the South West Gendarmerie Legion Commander, Colonel Jules Njeuha, who handed the freed persons to Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai on 1 September, 2017, at 8:30 a.m. The list obtained from the South West Gendarmerie Legion Commander shows the twelve, all male, who were received by Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai Friday were Ngwa Francis Che, Fontem A. Neba, Nkongho Felix Agbor Anyior, Ntimah Andrew Njika, Nkwenkam Momenkam Tite, Atia Tilarius Azohnwi, Mindako Junior Abel, Ndengue Godden Zama, Chiatoh Yamb Richard, Pang James Puh, Ngueme Eugene and Manyaka Gaston Tonde.

On receiving the freed detainees, the chief executive of the South West Region, in a five-minute speech, stated, “We are gathered here this morning at the Governor’s Office for the arrival of our brothers who benefited from the sudden decision of the Head of State to stop all judiciary actions against them.” he said, “We want you, as you have come back, to join us in the building of our nation, Cameroon. We should adopt a law abiding attitude, whatever the situation. Concerning back-to-school he said, “You know that in two days, this Monday, we have to accompany our children back to school. In fact, I invite you to join me, the rest of the authorities and the entire population in this exercise of resumption of classes.  You have comeback to resume your activities as Lawyers, Lecturers and Teachers. I wish you a successful continuation with your careers. Happy Tabasky feast”

Meanwhile, family members and friends assembled at the Governor’s Office Friday morning as early as 7 a.m. following hints of the arrival overnight of the freed detainees. The twelve men were first taken to the South West Regional Gendarmerie Legion in Buea for identification before proceeding to the Governor’s office for a ceremonial release.


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